Land and Geology Stories

Regulated dams, like this 58-foot-tall example above, should feature proper vegetation control that increases the efficiency and effectiveness of an inspection.
Dams and reservoirs play important roles in enhancing the quality of life in Missouri.
Justin Davis of the department’s Well Installation Section and a contractor with Flynn Drilling Company access well information from the WISDIM application while on site.
ArcGIS applications provide public access to geologic data.
The building at 900 North Tucker Blvd. in St. Louis now features an expansive cafeteria and modern workspaces for employees of the current occupant, Square. The cafeteria retains the original printing presses as a nod to the building’s history.
The program is celebrating it's 1,000th completed site.
Dry corn plants stand in a field.
The Missouri Department of Natural Resources has been working on several projects to reduce future issues related to flooding and drought.
Photo of a mine site in Callaway County after it has been reclaimed.
Mineral use in our modern world is more diverse than you might think. The Land Reclamation Program regulates the mining operations used to obtain them.
February is Earthquake Awareness Month in Missouri
February is Earthquake Awareness Month in Missouri – a good time to learn about the science of earthquakes and steps one can take to be prepared in the event an earthquake occurs.
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The Missouri Department of Natural Resources nominated Teck American Incorporated for the Interstate Mining Compact Commission’s 2019 National Non-Coal Category Reclamation award, which was accepted in May.
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In 1949 and 1950, I attended 7th and 8th grades in Rolla at Benton School, which was built in 1909.
Photo of Belinda Hughes.
For nearly eight years, I sat next to Belinda Hughes here in our publications office.
Photo of Aarick Roberto.
Missouri Department of Natural Resources, Human Resources Program