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Katy Trail Cleanup Under Way

Crews from Missouri State Parks have begun clearing and repairing sections of Katy Trail State Park in an effort to restore the trail and provide greater access to users.
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 Missouri State Parks staff examine a scour hole located on the east end of Katy Trail State Park, near Machens.
Missouri State Parks staff examine a scour hole located on the east end of Katy Trail State Park, near Machens.
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MoDNR Photo by Lisa Adams
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Large amounts of snow and rainfall during the first half of the year caused the Missouri River to swell and spill onto the Katy Trail, which closely follows the river in many areas.

By the end of May, nearly 100 miles of the trail were closed due to flooding, leading to the cancellation of the 2019 Katy Trail Ride.

Floodwaters finally receded in July, allowing for damage assessment and trail cleanup to begin. Since then, Missouri State Parks staff have been removing debris such as mud, limbs, sand and litter and trimming tree canopies to allow for
heavy equipment to access affected areas. In addition, Missouri State Parks has hosted three public volunteer cleanup events at the park.

About 75% of the trail affected by flooding earlier in the year has reopened as of September. A variety of repairs still need to be made. Some portions of the trail need only minor repairs, like improved surfacing, while others require more
costly and time-consuming repairs, such as a bridge replacement. It is unclear when the trail will be fully restored, but Missouri State Parks is committed to once again providing this outstanding resource to the public.

Due to varying factors, such as precipitation and water levels, closures on the Katy Trail change frequently. To see a full list of closures, detours and advisories for Katy Trail State Park, visit the Missouri State Parks active advisories page.
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You can contribute to the effort to restore one of Missouri’s favorite state parks with monetary donations by visiting the Missouri State Parks website. Those who make a contribution of $100 or more receive a limited edition Katy Trail State Park t-shirt as a token of appreciation.

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Jim Malven is a public information specialist with the Missouri Department of Natural Resources’ Division of State Parks.

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